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"Hi world."

This is the most popular, every programmer's first software. Everyone started writing programs starts with it.

This site itself is a sort of "Hello World". I have written a lot of code (better or worst) and long ago wanted to write such a kind of "Hello World". But it is not just about the software. We live outside computers, right?

It is about exhibitionism. Most of the people want to express them selfs in a way. Me too. So let me do it.

Since I am not sure which part of me I wanna show, I will throw out in the GRID1 different things.

The interesting part comes when you - the reader get something in your favor from my exhibitionism. Then I will know it is not in vein or just one of my faults. I am sure there are people that will get something out of this site - much the same way I got things from others.

I wish to say "Revisit this site often and you will find new and exciting things", but it s hard to say it.

Here are some newer things I work on recently:

MYDLjE - Web-presence rewritten

DBIx::Simple::Class - Advanced object construction for DBIx::Simple!

By the way I can say that you can get the code of this site. You just need the knowledge how. Here are the magick words:

svn checkout https://bcc.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/bcc/trunk/bgcc

  1. GRID=~ something like WEB 3 :D ↩